Doc Source provides a specialized category for reduced professional medical liability insurance exclusively for members of medical specialty & state/county societies in meeting the demand of the medical professional in response to a changing economy and to ensure better practice standards.

Company Background:  Founded for the sole purpose of providing physicians and their staff a portfolio of professional products and services at significantly reduced rates, to help cope with a medical environment of increased regulations, mass confusion in the payer world, along with the ever increasing operating expenses.  With a management team comprised of representatives in the insurance and medical fields, a principal with forty four years of executive management experience, as well as a tenured and respected physician.

Doc Source has the knowledge and experience to manage a Captive, insurance company in all phases from a plan of operation to a full business plan. Doc Source's purpose is to help establish a Captive that will serve the medical liability needs of the member owners as well as making certain that all insurance regulation and laws are strictly adhered to.

Distribution Channels:  Direct sales force through management team, channel partners (current clients), website, conventions, etc.                                                            
Competition:  Competitive outlook is indirect due to our management team's experience and insights to medical community and societies. (See attached bios).



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